First Ever ‘Ditch the Bitch Stigma’ Meetup a Success!

FirstMeetUp CloseUpOur first meeting was a success! Eight women, including myself, met up and offered each other support, affirmation and practical strategies to fight sexism.

The hour seriously flew by!

It never ceases to amaze me the kind of energy that can be created when a group of powerful women connect and how quickly those connections can be made.

The conversation flowed easily and we moved from introductions to personal experiences to ways we’ve each developed tactics for dealing with difficult coworkers and how shifting our mindset can make such a dramatic difference. Seeing how well the group got on and how many common experiences and threads we all had was honestly thrilling, and the enthusiasm for getting the group together inspired me to add an additional event to the schedule to make sure that more women have the opportunity to attend.

We are a group from many different backgrounds with at least one thing in common…a desire to be our best selves and to be around other women who are striving ambitiously. We are women who are making change in the world, starting with ourselves. We will build a network of tenacious women who are unstoppable together. We are the Bitchin’ Women!