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Your voice deserves to be heard. I coach ambitious and emerging leaders to rise.


Work with Kali one-on-one on your own timeline. Receive individual guidance to help you reach your unique goals.


Join a select group of women for a six-week online program that gives personalized attention and built in community support.


Spend three days in a fully immersive environment as a catalyst for major transformation in your life.

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Meet Kali Williams

Kali Williams is the author and community organizer behind Ditch the Bitch Stigma: Embrace Your Inner Badass. She’s a former dominatrix, longtime entrepreneur, speaker, and feminist who uses storytelling and her unconventional background to help women embrace their power, use their voice, and take up more space.

Right now Kali is hard at work launching the Bitch Stigma book and running the Bitch Stigma meetups and workshops in the San Francisco area.

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